video journalist hong kong 


Video journalists or self-shooting producers are very similar.


The main difference between a video journalist and self-shooting producer is that the former reports for news broadcasters whereas a self-shooting producer or self-shooting director would mainly produce documentary, factual and corporate programming.

I have experience working as both.


After having spent ten years as a news cameraman, I then worked for three years as a full-time news reporter for Network TEN in Sydney, Australia.  Reporting was a great opportunity to hone my writing and presenting skills - something that comes in very useful now when working for corporate clients or when television networks or production companies are looking for a self-shooting producer or director in Hong Kong.

Being able to easily follow a client's brief (especially for producers who can't travel) whether it be interviews, b-roll or both is a huge plus for them. 


I know what sound-bites to capture, what b-roll to get, when to politely suggest to the talent "Let's do that one again please." I know what works and what won't work and which problems need to be fixed on-site. It's sometimes too late once you're back in the edit suite.


Experience counts.

Selection of stand-ups from my time as a television reporter.


Writing is something I've always enjoyed

and being able to combine solid camera and video editing skills is very handy in this day and age. 

Click here for a more recent example of my work as a video journalist in Hong Kong.