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Video Production for Hong Kong businesses 

Video content is a must have for businesses of all sizes for marketing and selling products and services. I have worked with many Hong Kong small and medium sized businesses to raise their profiles on social media and increase their customer base and awareness. 

Below are two examples of recent projects where I was able to offer competitive rates.

               Case Study. Meraki executive search and consulting.

                           Filming, editing and producing.


I've been working with the team at Meraki (who happen to be Kellett parents) for around 7 years. Producing video content for their various events, leadership modules, seminars and social media campaigns.


It usually involves a short filming session followed by a weeks worth of editing the content to fine tune the messaging, working under the direction of managers and marketing team. It's always insightful, constructive and fun.


                             Case study. Wellness for life. 

    Filming, editing and producing social media marketing videos.

Wellness for Life is a Hong Kong based global business designing and delivering bespoke resilience, mindfulness and health and well-being programmes for companies, schools and sportspeople

I worked with the founder Mindy Tagliente on a part-time basis over 4 months producing and editing a range of videos to promote the launch of her business in Hong Kong. Together we produced a lot of content that is used to promote Wellness for Life on their website and social media platforms.


Below is a testimonial video we produced to promote the work they did during Covid-19 with John Lewis Hong Kong. 


                       Case study. Coco Alexander.

     Still photos, Instagram marketing videos, how to videos.

Coco Alexander is the brainchild of a Hong Kong based businesswoman who got sick and tired of frumpy looking baby bags and decided to design something that was chic, modern and stylish.

I was hired for a day to shoot still photos around central and edit marketing materials for their Facebook and Instagram channels.

Services include filming, editing, photography, producing, script writing. I can offer half-day and full-day rates on filming and hourly rates for video editing services.

I have special prices for parents & friends of the Kellett community.

Feel free to get in touch anytime if you have any questions on how I can help promote your business or cover your event.




Tel: +852 5634 3881

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