Below are some of the jobs I have worked on as a cameraman in Hong Kong.

Self-shooting director Hong Kong using in-house Varicam 35. This shoot was held in one of Hong Kongs most exclusive Jazz Clubs. 

We weren't able to use any lighting which is where the Varicam 35 excels. 

House lights only - up to 1200 ISO and as you can see the results are stunning.

4K at 120fps for Bloomberg New York. 


The shots were to be used on a 40 foot LCD screen outside their headquarters in London so we had to shoot it in 4k.

We opted for the Varicam 35, shooting at 120 FPS along the tram routes in Central. 

Art Central DOP job for Swarovski in Hong Kong 

Self-shooting producer job in Hong Kong 

A selection of shots from my news, sport and documentary gigs over the years 

Self-shooting producer for Americas Cup Uncovered / Sunset and Vine Sport 

A RAW sequence self-shooting director in Hong Kong / Channel News Asia Documentary series 

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