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Cameraman & Producer in Hong Kong 

Justin Weily is a cameraman, self-shooting producer, video editor and writer based in Hong Kong.


I have been based here for 9 years, producing video content for the corporate sector, sports agencies and video production companies visiting Hong Kong. 

If you require a solo cameraman or a full camera crew please get in touch.


I've also spent time as a television reporter so am able to follow editorial guidelines and direct talent to ensure sequences, sound bites and b-roll work for your production. 

I recently returned from Tokyo where I was working as a cameraman for the official Olympic Broadcaster OBS. You can read a bit about it on the blog page of this site.  

A lot of my work is shooting and guiding busy executives delivering important announcements on camera. It became such a big part of my work that I developed a course to show anyone appearing on camera what they can do to improve their appearance and messaging.

When you hire me to shoot and produce a 'talking head type interview' rest assured that I can help gently guide these busy people and ensure that everything looks good and sounds good.

    Below is a short video that outlines some topics I cover in the course.

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